Thomas Behling

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Thomas Behling: "Die Moral von der Geschichte verstehe ich mit nichte." – "I don't understand the moral of the story/history", 2020, 86 x 37 x 37 cm


The Kunstverein Germersheim shows the exhibition "RAUMBetrachter". The artworks go beyond the classic concept of sculpture and work with the relationship to space and to the viewer.
The exhibition shows light installations, drawings and photographs by Reiner Plum, sculptures and wall objects by Achim Däschler and picture objects by Thomas Behling.

The exhibition will open on Saturday, May 15th, 2021 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Please observe the applicable distance and hygiene regulations and wear a mouth guard. Please register with the Kunstverein before visiting.
The exhibition will be open until June 13th. Any temporary closings due to an excessively high 7-day incidence will result in a corresponding extension of the exhibition.
Please find out more on the Kunstverein's website before visiting.

Regular opening times:
Saturday 3-6 p.m., Sunday 2-6 p.m.
free admission

Kunstverein Germersheim
Zeughausstraße 10
76726 Germersheim