Thomas Behling

"We love german weapons" IV

Thomas Behling: "We love german weapons" IV, 2013, 140 x 94 x 17 cm

The picture shows the latest Leopard tank of type 2 A7 +, which is optimized for fighting in the city - perfect for defeating revolutions. Saudi Arabia tried to import up to 800 of those tanks. In spring 2014 the deal get stoped.


Thomas Behling is nominated for Art Prize 2016 Worpswede

The price advertised is about: VIOLENCE, POWER, RULER.
The award will be on 23 September at 5 pm at the Hotel Adlon, Unter den Linden 77, Berlin


Thomas Behling: "Sehnsucht" - "Yearning" IV, 2016, 36 x 27 cm

"we will see"

artists: Edgar Askelovic, Benjamin Badock, Thomas Behling, Sonja Bendel, Simone Brühl, Rita Erven, Klaus Fezer, Astrid Jahns, Martyna Jastrzebska, Fabian Knöbl, Terézia Krnácová, Maria Kropfitsch, Guillaume le Moine, Esra Oezen, Mareike Poehling, Meike Redeker, Antonia Rehnen, Katja Staudacher, Marco Wagner, Sebastian Wanke, Susanne Wurlitzer

Opening: Saturday 3.9. at 7 pm


open: Thursday-Sunday 4 pm -7 pm

konnektor - Forum für Künste
Kötnerholzweg 11
30451 Hannover

"Blasen" – "Bubbles" I

Thomas Behling: "Blasen" – "Bubbles" I, 2009, iridescent paint on photo, cardboard, glass, frame, 54 x 46 cm

"Pezzi Unici"

Thursday 8 September 2016 at 7 pm at the Galleria Gallerati of Rome the collective, photographic and mixed media exhibition Pezzi Unici 3 inaugurates. At its third edition, the exposition project, created in the 2012 by Carlo Gallerati and curated by Noemi Pittaluga, has been made thanks to the collaboration with the Eulenspiegel Galerie of Basel for the second time.

Eight italian and foreign artists in exhibition: Francesco Amorosino, Thomas Behling, Fabrizio Fontana, Carlo Gallerati, Rita Mandolini, Vincenzo Monticelli Cuggiò, Monticelli e Pagone, Novella Oliana.

“The collective exhibition intent is to present some works obtained with whole or partial photographic procedures conceived as one-off. Each single piece becomes therefore the expedient to bring back the attention to the un-repeatibily of the gaze, within the hic et nunc of the snapshot and the conceived idea of the artist. Different photographic works are shown to reveal the medium innumerable possibilities: artworks are either characterized by an objective total purity (Insula in flumine nata), or created to support a performative action (Entro un minuto, Sud, per me), or even realized as a visual elaboration of the original shot frame (Discover the Universe! Visit Earth!, Blasen I, Mercedes Becks, Ror woman). Each picture, according to specific processes, is the result of the conscious use of instrumentation finalized to reveal symbolic meanings on which to reflect.” (Noemi Pittaluga)

Opening: Thursday 8 September 2016, 7 pm to 10 pm

September 8. – 20.2016

Galleria Gallerati
Via Apuania, 55
I-00162 Roma

Opening time: from Monday to Friday, 5 pm to 7 pm
Saturday, Sunday and after hours: on appointment
Public transport: bus: 61, 62, 93, 310; metro: linea / line B, fermata / stop Bologna