Thomas Behling

Lost idol

Thomas Behling: "lost idol", 2009, acrylic paint, lacquer, hardboard, gold leaf, plastic flowers with glimmer, dust, glass, wood, 61 x 46 x 16 cm


Luther: Idol and Fetish - Graphics from the 19th century in dialogue with Thomas Behling (Berlin), Christian Holtmann (Bremen) and Sandra Munzel (Wietze)

The thesis of this exhibition is that Luther did not want to counteract the abuse of the images and their exaggeration to idol and fetish by their fall or even their destruction. Instead, he wanted to return to the viewer the freedom to dispose of the image with his view, his understanding and in his own decision. "The images are neither the one nor the other, they are neither good nor evil, one can have them or have not," wrote Luther. From this quotation it can be concluded that the consideration of art is no longer subject to the obligation, but is given a certain freedom. This freedom is now to be explored in the interpretation of the religious. Artists such as Sandra Munzel, Thomas Behling and Christian Holtmann are invited to discuss this (newly) gained freedom.

This exhibition is a cooperation with the cultural church of St Johannis.

Opening: 5.3.2017, 11 am
5.3. – 2.4.2017

Kunstverein Buchholz Nordheide
Kirchenstrasse 6
21244 Buchholz

Monday – Friday 4 pm – 6 pm
Saturday + Sunday 11 am – 5 pm

Thomas Behling: "fütter mich!" II, 2009

Thomas Behling: "fütter mich!" II, 2009

WERK.GABEN - Works from the collection of the Stadtgalerie Lauenburg

The exhibition shows works from the collection of the Stadtgalerie Lauenburg

Artists: Nándor Angstenberger, Thomas Behling, Cheng-Wen Chen, Udo Dettmann, Janine Eggert, gagel, Göran Gnaudschun, Anna Lena Grau, Jan Groh, Alexander Häusser, Dagrun Hintze, Akane Kimbara, Tobias Klich, Jan Kromke, Uschi Koch, Oh-seok Kwon, Almut Middel, Abel Paúl, Katrin Pieczonka, Stéphane Querrec, Carolin Schreier, Nana Schulz, Franziska Stubenrauch, Eva Schwimmer, Maren Theel, Sandy Volz, Günter Westphal, Eunyeon Yang

Opening: 1 April 2017, 5 pm

April 2 - May 31, 2017

Künstlerhaus Lauenburg/Elbe
Elbstraße 54
21481 Lauenburg

"Ich bin schlecht, aber wenn ich nicht wüßte, dass ich schlecht bin, dann wäre ich noch viel schlechter."

"Ich bin schlecht, aber wenn ich nicht wüßte, dass ich schlecht bin, dann wäre ich noch viel schlechter.", 2012, pencil on paper, 25 x 20 cm

Drawing from the Future

Seventy-five drawings from the present

Taking a journey with a pencil, thinking with your hand, capturing the perspective of a sculptural form in a few strokes and lines—the art of drawing is not only one of the earliest, but also the most inventive playing fields within the fine arts.

How does the process of discovering motifs occur in current media environments? What influences do printing techniques such as print-on-demand, risograph, and digital printing have on artistic production in the field of drawing? And what is the strategic role of publishing and distributing on paper?

Within the framework of the three-month-long exhibition “Drawing from the Future” (March 1—May 31, 2017) will be several events where publishers, distributors of small editions, and artists present their productions and negotiate the current complex relations between drawing and the medium of the book.

The exhibition features seventy-five contemporary drawings by both international and local artists. Each month, a group of twenty-five drawings will be presented anonymously and in book formats ranging from A3 to A5. Most of the works were borrowed from the inventory of “Anonyme Zeichner”, an art project by the Berlin-based artist Anke Becker. Since 2006, in public calls, Becker has invited her colleagues to submit their new works. From them, she arranges non-hierarchical sales installations, thus undermining the usual rules of the art market and leading them ad absurdum. All drawings are available for purchase at the Salon für Kunstbuch for a set price of € 200 each.

Opening: March 1, 2017, 7 p.m.
Exhibition: March 2–May 31, 2017

Salon für Kunstbuch
21er Haus
Arsenalstraße 1
1030 Wien