Thomas Behling

"Hula Hoop!"

Thomas Behling: "Hula Hoop!", 2018, 30 x 21 cm

"Das gewisse Etwas" – "certain something"

The art association konnektor - Forum für Künsteis celebrating its tenth birthday with the 100th exhibition and is showing works by artists who have been involved in projects over the past decade in the shop window. Due to certain and uncertain measures, there is no physical opening and birthday party. The visiting times are adjusted for this: 24/7 is the measure of time.

Helen Acosta Iglesias, Thomas Behling, Wiking Bohns, Maks Dannecker, Susanne Dettmann, Reinhard Doubrawa, Ilse Ermen, Thomas Glatz, Stephan Groß, Beate Höing, Jürgen Klugmann, Ilse Paul, Antonia Rehnen, Joanna Schulte, Bettina Weiß

17.02.2021 – 11.04.2021

open: The exhibition can be viewed continuously from the outside.

konnektor - Forum für Künste e.V.
Kötnerholzweg 11
30451 Hannover