Thomas Behling

"You should love climate change because it will defeat your descendants."

Thomas Behling: "Du sollst den Klimawandel lieben, denn er wird Deine Nachfahren besiegen."– "You should love climate change because it will defeat your descendants.", 2020, 21 x 28 cm

"20 years of Galerie Eulenspiegel"

The Eulenspiegel Gallery in Basel celebrates its anniversary and looks back on 20 years of exhibition activity with four consecutive exhibitions.
From December 8th to 18th, 2021, can be seen works by:
Daniela M. Guggisberg, Zoomby Zangger, Liliane Csuka, Michiyoshi Deguchi, Fabrizio Ceccardi, Bernhard Copeaux, Moon Kwan Park, Anna Aregger, Jochen Kitzbihler, Marco Pittori, Thomas Behling, Michael Will, Marcel Petry, Adrian Künzli, Walter Flückiger, Roman Müller, Jeong Hyun Sook, Motoko Katsuta, Raffaelo de Vito, Eugen Will

Galerie Eulenspiegel
Gerbergässlein 6
4001 Basel

Wednesday - Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon, 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
free admission

Don't look back!

Thomas Behling: "Don't look back!", 2017, 141 x 166 x 43 cm

"Erste Warnung vor einem Zusammenhang – First warning of a correlation"

Thomas Behlings work relates to the meaning we assign to images. Therefore he often uses traditional modes of pictures and works with old materials like frames or trivial images he detected. His picture-objects refer to types of pictures from within our collective memory. They interact with the imaginations of the observer.

Opening: 22.01.2022, 7 pm

22.01. – 27.02.2022

Kunstverein Friedberg
Haagstraße 16
61169 Friedberg

Opening Times
Tuesday-Sunday 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.


Thomas Behling: "Die Alternative für Deutschland ist blau." – "The alternative for Germany is blue.", 2021, poster
"Die Alternative für Deutschland", or AfD for short, is the name of a racist party in Germany which, among other things, denies that humans are causing climate change. The color of the party is blue. The map shows Germany with a sea level rise of 60 meters or a loss of area of around 30%. If both poles melt completely, the sea level will rise by 67 meters - a realistic scenario if the AfD's goals are implemented.

"Klare Ansage?!"

The KREISCH! - FESTIVAL FOR STREET ARTS is this year under the motto "Clear announcement !?".

From November 8, 2021 to February 20, 2022, selected posters will be on view in the public space of Essen.


"Atomic model by Thomas Behling"

"Atomic model by Thomas Behling"

Sheet of artists stamps
inscription: "Atommodell nach Thomas Behling" – "Atomic model by Thomas Behling" and "Niemandsland" – "no mans land"
perforated & gummed paper
10,5 x 12,3 cm
edition: 30 copies
signed on the back side.

Price inclusive shipping: 30,- €
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