Thomas Behling


Thomas Behling: "Übungsbild 1: Grüntöne erkennen und richtig deuten" – "Exercise image 1: Recognizing green tones and interpreting them correctly", 2022, 25 x 25 cm

"Wetterleuchten" – "sheet lightning"

The phenomenon of sheet lightning is the brief flash that appears in the clouds or on the horizon. It can be a breathtakingly beautiful natural spectacle. Or is it more of a foreboding of impending disaster? How much sheet lightning do we perceive in our emotional world, our immediate surroundings or in global contexts?

artists: Eva Baumert, Thomas Behling, Birgit Beßler, Sonja Heller, Jutta Hellweg, Thomas Hugo, Christian Jasper, Sabine Hannah Johr, Martin Kesper, Gisela Lücke, Friederike Mühlbauer, Petra Ottkowski, Dirk Pleyer, Annette Reichardt & Stewens Ragone, Susanne Schütz, Anne Sommer-Meyer, Jürgen Strege, Anno Weihs, Anita WiczorekNovember

Opening: 11.11.2022, 7.30 pm
11 to December 4, 2022
Finissage: 4.12.2022, 2 pm – 5 pm

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"Atomic model by Thomas Behling"

"Atomic model by Thomas Behling"

Sheet of artists stamps
inscription: "Atommodell nach Thomas Behling" – "Atomic model by Thomas Behling" and "Niemandsland" – "no mans land"
perforated & gummed paper
10,5 x 12,3 cm
edition: 30 copies
signed on the back side.

Price inclusive shipping: 30,- €
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"We got the power. We make a brave new world!"

"We got the power. We make a brave new world!", 2017, 143 x 107 cm

"Showdown in Paradise (Gesesis 3, Finale)"

Deception, invention, belief and fiction

"There is more than one epoche between the images and their audience. They come from different worlds in terms of aestetics and mentality. This time travel that Behling puts on stage does not leave us untouched. Depending on the mood and connection to the reverberation of passed generations the works cause gaiety or alienation and most of all irritation. What appears at first sight as a relict, reveals at a closer examination as massive interventions and finally the contemplator cannot be sure of what is found and what is fabrication." (Dr. Rainer Beßling)

Opening: 5.2.2023
Introduction: Detlef Stein

5.2. – 23.4.2023

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"Universum Clock – Die Stimmen der Verstorbenen" – "Universum Clock – The voices of the decedents"

Thomas Behling: "Universum Clock – Die Stimmen der Verstorbenen" – "Universum Clock – The voices of the decedents", 2021, 47 x 31 x 21 cm


The artists Maria de Vet, Frans van Tartwijk und Thomas Behling appear to enjoy creating a seductive illusion that is almost immediately debunked. Of course there is humour in this strategy of presenting an image as an obvious construction. It is not just about manipulating the viewer, but also about mocking what is generally accepted as true, important or impressive. All artists use tradition and history and pose the question whether or not what we see is real.

Opening: Sunday, 22.1.,  3 pm - 5 pm

Galerie Nasty Alice
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