Thomas Behling

 "Sehnsucht" - "Yearning"

Thomas Behling: "Sehnsucht" - "Yearning" II, 2013, 68 x 83 x 34 cm

"EinBlick – Collectors Choice"

The exhibition "EinBlick - Collectors Choice" shows artworks from the collection of Gregor Muntwiler. It shows sculptures, paintings, photographs, objects, drawings and video.

Caspar Abt, Daniele Aletti, Irma Alvarez-Laviada, Anna Aregger, Thomas Behling, Martin Bill, Charles Blockey, Markus Böhmer, Albarrän Cabrera, Fabrizio Ceccardi, Bernhard Copeaux, Manfred Cuny, Michiyoshi Deguchi, Erik Dettwiler, Marco Ercoli, Ferose, Monica Ferreras de la Maza, Daniela Guggisberg, eddie Hara, Sabine Hagmann, Sandra Häuptli, Sven Hoppöer, Iris Hutegger, Simone Kappeler, Christoph Kiefer, Jochen Kitzbihler, Rania Matar, Chantal Michel, Roman Müller, Heken O'Leary, Silvana Pestana-Sonja Cunliffe, Roman Peter, Alberto, Sipione, Hanibal Srouji, Joni Sternbach, Kate Tedman, Verena Tschanz, Ruedi Weber, Josua Wechsler, Nicolas Winter, Pedro Wirz, Harald Wolf, Zoomby Zangger

Opening on Sunday the 28th of April, 1 pm. Introduction by the art historian Sabine Häberli.
Duration: 28.4. - 11.8.2019

panel discussion
The gallery owner and art collector Gregor Muntwieler in conversation with the art historian Sabine Häberli on Sunday 23 June 2019, 3 pm.

S'Paradiesli in Sigriswil
Feldensrasse 87
3655 Sigriswil

Saturday 2 pm – 7 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

Atommodell nach Thomas Behling

"Atommodell nach Thomas Behling"

In the current edition of Premium Cola label art, the motif "atom model by Thomas Behling" is one of four label motifs.
So if you get at the bar at a concert, Club or Party Premium-Cola, then look at the back of the label.
Of course, this can only be seen when you have emptied the bottle.

Helter Skelter Festival 2019

"Helter Skelter Festival Vol.IV – The fastest festival of the city"

Kulturpalast Wedding International organizes the fastest art festival of the city for the fourth time on Saturday, June 22, 2019 with HELTER SKELTER Vol. IV. We present 36 artistic positions in 12 hours plus music. 3 artists each show their work for one hour (including assembly and dismantling). Then follow the next 3 positions. In parallel there will be one-hour performances by musicians and bands until 11 pm. We look forward to quick installations, performances, video and wall works, pictures and objects - and to the artistic examination of the central question: What can be shown in an hour?

The exhibition marathon starts at 3 pm and ends at 3 am:

2 pm: Champagne reception with SIU - Isi Wiehler (musik)
3 pm: Rolf Gesing | Coco Rufer and Students | Manfred Kirschner MUSIK: The Rottt
4 pm: Anette Stemmann | Sally Lewis and Erika Krause | Matthias Mayer MUSIK: Versus Null
5 pm: Martin Dege | Silke Thoss | Monika, Jan and Bombe Michalko MUSIK: Disaster
6 pm: Andreas Kotulla | Anne Mundo | Thomas Behling MUSIK: Fathers of Sons
7 pm: Andreas Helfer | Chantal Labinski | Geri Waser MUSIK: Mareike Hube Projekt
8 pm: Heike Walter | Meike Dölp | Nora Below MUSIK: Bubu
9 pm: Veronika Schumacher | Anett Lau | Monika Tunn MUSIK: Sweet Biscuit
10 pm: Frederik Foert | Vincent Schubarth | Vinzenz Fengler MUSIK: The Hazi Bros.
11 pm: Bode Niggemann | Line Wasner | Bloodyblackredrabbits
midnight: Werner Kernebeck | Josefine Rieks | Elke Graalfs
1 am: Namse und Mörde GmbH | Daniela Weber | Monica Levy
2 am: Buffy Klama | Andreas Wolf | Pablo Hermann

Kulturpalast Wedding International e.V.
Freienwalder Straße 20
13359 Berlin-Wedding