Thomas Behling

"Don't look back!"

Thomas Behling: "Don't look back!", 2017, 141 x 166 x 43 cm


Outside & inside, art & horror
An exhibition about appearances and beings, about ideas and prejudices, about the desire to disguise oneself, to banish winter
and scare the neighbors, disguise ban and character mask.

With works by: Thomas Behling, Sebastian Bieniek,
Mariella Mosler, Susanne Ring, Stoll & Wachall

Opening on Sunday, March 31, 2019 from 5 - 9 pm

Exhibition from March 31 - May 18, 2019

Wilhelmsaue 126
10715 Berlin

Wednesday – Saturday, 2 pm – 7 pm
free admission

"no man's land"

Thomas Behling: "Niemandsland" – "no man's land", 2013, 3,7 x 2,8 cm

"Miniscule Part 2"

Miniscule Part 2 could be regarded as a bijou sociological experiment; over 200 artists have been invited to submit a diminutive art object of any genre or media but with one simple proviso: the maximum size of the work is that of the common matchbox; 2” by 1.5”.

Thinking small and making small is a unique position and while some artists specialise in the miniature or reductive ideas and might consider it a regular part of their creative output, many more do not. For most of the artists participating in Miniscule, the format is an intriguing challenge; a stimulus or provocation; potentially a playful distraction from their standard artistic practice. The exhibition includes established and upcoming artists from the UK and around the world.

23 March to 18 May 2019
Preview Friday 22 March

Cross Lane Projects
Cross Lane
Cumbria LA9 5LB
Great Britain

Open Thursday – Saturday, 12 noon  – 6 pm
free admission

"Du-Munition (Genesis 3, 1991 - 2003)"

Thomas Behling: "Bootsfahrt" - "boat trip", 2011, 66 x 54 x 16 cm
The word "Sex" flashes in red light through black tissue paper.
A huge mess of old electronic componets can be detected inside the box.

"Bildersprachen" – "Pictures Languages"

Based on the texts of art critic and cultural journalist Dr. Rainer Beßling in his publication of the same name, published in November 2018, Syker Vorwerk shows artworks of more than 30 artists from northwestern Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

Thomas Behling, Achim Bertenburg, Blaumeier-Atelier (Colette Boberz, Christian Plep, Victor Puppe, Peter Völker, Sascha Wegener), Susanne Bollenhagen, Peter Boué, Veronika Dobers, Burchhard Garlichs, Gunther Gerlach, Christian Haake, Werner Henkel, Regina Hennen, Christian Holtmann, Constantin Jaxy, Emese Kazár, Debora Kim, Heinrich Modersohn, Jub Mönster, Horst Müller, Louis Niebuhr, Agata Nowosielska (Poland), Edith Pundt, Elianna Renner, Dieter Rogge, Inger Seemann, Ute Seifert, Peter-Jörg Splettstößer, Sibylle Springer, Jürgen Strasser, Martin Voßwinkel, Charles Vreuls (Netherlands), Hans-Albert Walter, Michael Weisser.

Opening: 3.2.2019,  12.noon
3.2.2019 - 22.4.2019

Syker Vorwerk
Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst
Am Amtmannsteich 3
28857 Syke

Wednesdays 3 to 7 pm
Saturdays 2 pm to 6 pm
Sundays and public holidays 11 am to 6 pm
free admission

 "Sehnsucht" - "Yearning"

Thomas Behling: "Sehnsucht" - "Yearning" II, 2013, 68 x 83 x 34 cm

"EinBlick – Collectors Choice"

The exhibition "EinBlick - Collectors Choice" shows artworks from the collection of Gregor Muntwiler. It shows sculptures, paintings, photographs, objects, drawings and video.

Caspar Abt, Daniele Aletti, Irma Alvarez-Laviada, Anna Aregger, Thomas Behling, Martin Bill, Charles Blockey, Markus Böhmer, Albarrän Cabrera, Fabrizio Ceccardi, Bernhard Copeaux, Manfred Cuny, Michiyoshi Deguchi, Erik Dettwiler, Marco Ercoli, Ferose, Monica Ferreras de la Maza, Daniela Guggisberg, eddie Hara, Sabine Hagmann, Sandra Häuptli, Sven Hoppöer, Iris Hutegger, Simone Kappeler, Christoph Kiefer, Jochen Kitzbihler, Rania Matar, Chantal Michel, Roman Müller, Heken O'Leary, Silvana Pestana-Sonja Cunliffe, Roman Peter, Alberto, Sipione, Hanibal Srouji, Joni Sternbach, Kate Tedman, Verena Tschanz, Ruedi Weber, Josua Wechsler, Nicolas Winter, Pedro Wirz, Harald Wolf, Zoomby Zangger

Opening on Sunday the 28th of April, 1 pm. Introduction by the art historian Sabine Häberli.
Duration: 28.4. - 11.8.2019

panel discussion
The gallery owner and art collector Gregor Muntwieler in conversation with the art historian Sabine Häberli on Sunday 23 June 2019, 3 pm.

S'Paradiesli in Sigriswil
Feldensrasse 87
3655 Sigriswil

Saturday 2 pm – 7 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

Schwemmgut Foto: Tom Albrecht

Foto: Tom Albrecht

"Flood Today"

Flooded cellars, covered roofs, furniture sinking in the mud, whole fields are washed away and muddy villages. Increasingly, extreme weather events occur in previously unexpected locations and cause millions of dollars worth of damage. An end to this development is not in sight - on the contrary, this seems only the beginning of a development to be and evokes memories of early undergrowth historys. The reasons are manifold and range from global climate change to increasing land sealing and intensive agriculture. We show the positions of 14 international artists on "Flood Today". Painting, video, installation, object, collage, showcase, performance, conversation and lecture.

artists: Tom Albrecht, Charlotte Bastian, Thomas Behling, Jörn Birkholz / Stephan Groß, Barbara Czarnojahn, Helga Franz, Amelie von Godin, Gerten Goldbeck, Isabell Kamp, Maria Korporal, Angela Alexander-Lloyd, Anna Rafetseder, Rosa Schmidt

Exhibition duration 15.3. - 10.5.2019
29.3. Artist talk from 7 pm. Artists of the exhibition speak with guests about their works
26.4. "Flooding Myths to Science": Speech lecture with discussion, from 7 pm with Mrs. Nasrin Haacke, TU Berlin, FG Ecohydrology & Landscape Assessment, Institute for Ecology
10.5. Finissage from 7 pm with performance "Atoll Hurawalhi" by Amelie von Godin

The exhibition is curated by Tom Albrecht.

Group Global 3000
Leuschnerdamm 19
10999 Berlin
open: Fridays from 5 - 8 pm, closed on 19.4.
free admission