Thomas Behling

"Unser Bild der Erde"

Thomas Behling: "Unser Bild der Erde" – "Our picture of the earth", 2019, 85 x 71 x 15 cm
From the globe countless luminous glass fibers emerge like small needles. The image object shows the earth what it might look like when the sea level rises by 60 meters. If both poles completely melt, this would mean an increase of 67 meters.

"Der Titel ist die halbe Miete"

Gmünder Kunstverein shows woks by Ruppe Koselleck and Thomas Behling in the gallery in the Kornhaus. The exhibition not only shows parallels in terms of content in the works, which at first glance appear very different, but also reveals similarities in the way they work.

Opening 4. December 2020, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

05. 12. 2020 – 24. 01. 2021

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