Thomas Behling

"We got the power. We make a brave new world!"

"We got the power. We make a brave new world!", 2017, 143 x 107 cm

"Die Moral von der Geschichte verstehe ich mitnichte." – "I don't get the moral of the historical"

Deception, invention, belief and fiction

"There is more than one epoche between the images and their audience. They come from different worlds in terms of aestetics and mentality. This time travel that Behling puts on stage does not leave us untouched. Depending on the mood and connection to the reverberation of passed generations the works cause gaiety or alienation and most of all irritation. What appears at first sight as a relict, reveals at a closer examination as massive interventions and finally the contemplator cannot be sure of what is found and what is fabrication." (Dr. Rainer Beßling)

Opening: 5.2.2023, 3 pm

introduction: Dr. Rainer Beßling

5.2. – 23.4.2023

The exhibition is sponsored by Matzat Museumstechnik.

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