Thomas Behling

"You're feeling better now."

Thomas Behling: "Jetzt geht es Dir besser." – "You're feeling better now.", 2023, 18 x 24 cm
Inscription: "It's the environmentalists' fault that we're destroying the planet!"

"Katzenwäsche" – "Wash my fur, but don’t make me wet."

The majority of society wants climate protection, but does not want to change. It becomes nervous, susceptible to fossil lobby campaigns, superstitions and right-wing influences. People are in favor of doing something about man-made global warming, but they still want to fly on vacation. You deny your own fossil addiction. The other countries, the politicians, should take action against the climate crisis. People do not want to see their own responsibility, as voters of political parties and polluters of CO₂ emissions as consumers of flights, cars and goods. Of course, something should change, just not in your own life. Science calls this behavior cognitive dissonance.

Tom Albrecht, Thomas Behling, Anna Orlikowska, Benna Gaean Maris, Susanna Giese, Stephan Groß, Danny Hermann, Ines Hock, Jens Insensee (Tobias Bilgeri & Jens Isensee), Maria Korporal, Joana Lucas, John Maibohm, Annegret Müller, Froso Papadimitriou, Lita Poliakova, Susa Ramsthaler, Alexander Rommel (aerroscape), Rosa Schmidt, Daniel Theiler, Anja Witt, Alla Zhyvotova

The exhibition will take place both in the gallery (duration May 3rd - June 14th) and in the park (duration May 3rd, from 3 p.m. to Saturday, May 4th, until 3 p.m.).

Program 3.5. – 14.6.2024
Gallery Fridays and Tuesdays 5-8 p.m., in the park Fri. 3.5. from 3 p.m. to Sat. 4.5. 3 p.m.

Opening Fri., 3.5.2024
Park am Engelbecken by the Waldemarbrücke 3 p.m.: Welcome by Tom Albrecht and introduction to the works exhibited there (Installations LAGE EGAL by Stephan Groß and Be(e) here by Ines Hock)
Vernissage 7 pm in the gallery: Welcome: Tom Albrecht, Introduction to the exhibition: Katja Hock, Performance prima klima: Susa Ramsthaler

Artist:Interior talk with performance Fri., 24.5., 7 pm: Artists of the exhibition talk with guests about their works. Performance: WRINGEN/FUR Rosa Schmidt

Lecture with discussion 31.5., 7 pm: “Acting for the climate. Why humans are not doing enough to combat the climate crisis despite knowing better. How do we get moving?” Katharina Simons, Psychologists for Future, Berlin

Finissage Fri, 14.6., 7 pm: Performance: Tom Albrecht sings Verdrängung, guitar Philip Müller-Hohenstein

GG3 – Group Global 3000 e.V.
Leuschnerdamm 19
10999 Berlin

Gallery opening times: Tuesdays & Fridays: 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m (Duration until June 14, 2024)
Park: May 3rd, from 3 p.m. to Saturday, May 4th, until 3 p.m

free admission