Thomas Behling

"Der Ausstieg" – "The Abandonment"

Thomas Behling: "Der Ausstieg" – "The Abandonment", 2018, 42 x 32 cm


"Schneefrei" as a counterpart to "Hitzefrei" once stood for heavy snowfall and the failure of school lessons dreamed up by children's hearts and a day enchanted by winter. In times of climate change and approaching global collapse, snow-free takes on a whole new, tragically threatening meaning.

With works by:
Ahmad Motiee, Christian Plep, Claudia Christoffel, Erika Plamann, Hanswerner Kirschmann, Herwig Gillerke, Isabel Valecka, Kate Andrews, Marikke Heinz-Hoek, Mechtild Böger, Mei-Shiu Winde-Liu, Michael Wendt, Patricia Lambertus, Sirma Kekeç, Rebekka Kronsteiner, Reinhard Osiander, Silke Pradler, Thomas Behling, Tom Gefken, Ulrich Precht

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