Thomas Behling

"Der Traum" - "The Dream"

In the small opening in the box an image of a landscape is visible, with palms, snow-covered mountains, the moon and birds of prey. The motif comes from the poster “Tame birds sing of freedom, wild birds fly” (Tommi Krippner, 1980). Vague distorted fragments of music emanate from the box, based on the song "Der Traum ist aus" ("the dream is over") (1972) by "Ton Steine Scherben". The distorted sound fragments sound like something is coming out of the void, but fade away after a few bars, giving way to silence for five minutes. Sound composition by Simon Roessler.

print on foil, glass, plexiglass, LEDs, sound, MP3-player, active speakers, wood, acrylic and lacquer paint, 39 x 37 x 12 cm