Thomas Behling

"Sonnenaufgang auf Lesbos" – "Sunrise on Lesbos" II

In the wall is a small hole. Behind this is the view of a coastal seascape, as seen from precipitous cliffs looking out on to the open sea at dusk. Through the small hole the view can only be seen in small sections. The full scale and dimensions of this realistic, three-dimensional setting cannot be appreciated by the eye.
The Greek island of Lesbos was a particular goal for numerous refugees during the so-called “refugee crisis” of 2015/16, seeking to flee terror and misery at home.

work "Sonnenaufgang auf Lesbos" – "Sunrise on Lesbos" (II) was part of the exhibition "Raumprothese" from 20/05 - 24/06/2016 shown in GaDeWe (Bremen).

Photos: Robert Barta